Wednesday, May 8, 2013

current obsession.

shoe obsession.

my current obsession is...


i mean, shoes are normally an obsession, but this month i have legit reasons why i need them! 

a] summer is in the air, so sandals are a priority.
b] my pair of moccasins have passed on & a pair of beige loafers are on their way out.
c] i have finally given in to the fact that i am not getting any younger. i'm on my feet all day - i need shoes that are attractive and supportive.
d] i read this post from joanna, and i got super giddy to find unique wedding shoes. especially since i am slowly piecing together wedding details :)

have you found any shoes that you love this season?

*just my luck, one, three & seven were sold out at the time of writing this post. sorry!
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