30 before 30.

a couple days before my 25th birthday, i was freaking out. i felt like i hadn't done as much for being a quarter of a century. so i decided to make a list of things i'd like to accomplish before i turned 30. follow along with me as i complete it all! :]

30 before 30

be a hippie at a three day music festival.
learn how to use a sewing machine.
visit new york city.
take couples' dance lessons.
sell one of my refurbished pieces of furniture.
learn how to play the guitar.
visit italy. or live in italy. or both.
get engaged and get married.[on february 9th, 2013]
take a graphic design class.
go hiking. [completed october 4th&5th, 2012]
take an all-american cross-country road trip.
own my own studio, office space and/or business.
swim with dolphins.
walk for a cause. [completed june 17th, 2012]
pay off two of my three student loans.
go ice skating.
try acupuncture. [in june, 2014]
go on a hot air balloon ride.
have a health regimen.
read one book a month [60 in 5 years].
scuba dive.
learn time management.
get a puppy.
go to mardi gras!
become close-to-fluent-as-possible in a language.
see the beatles 'love' show.
complete a juice cleanse. [completed april 6th&7th, 2013]
get a tattoo dedicated to jeremy. [on december 10th, 2013]
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