Saturday, October 6, 2012

i hiked in my tom's.

when i put this list together back in may, i really had no idea what hiking entailed. in my head, it basically involved ugly hiking boots, sweating, bugs and wheezing - all of which i hated. but, i figured that a lot of people loved doing it, so i should experience it.

so on thursday, a. and i packed our bags and headed two and half hours northwest to asheville. our first stop? chimney rock state park.

chimney rock [where the flag is] is approximately 2,280 feet high. no, we didn't climb that.. we took the elevator up and then climbed to exclamation point - a .7 mile/150 foot uphill hike. pretty difficult, but well worth it.

after our hike, we spent the afternoon in chimney rock, and the evening and following morning in asheville. on our way back home, we stopped at dupont state forest.

i have never seen waterfalls up close [except niagara falls, if you can count that], so i was super excited to see triple falls. the clincher, though? parts of the hunger games was filmed there! yes, i am a geek. 

the hike was about a mile round trip - and then we decided to climb some of the rocks. can you find me? :)

so yes, there was some sweating and some bugs - but no wheezing and no ugly hiking boots. i did it all in my tom's! and you know what? i loved it. i am already trying to persuade a. to go hiking with me once a week :)


Melissa said...

I've been hiking in my Toms before too, but I wouldn't do it again. I felt like I kept slipping on the rocks and it made me nervous. I really love hiking though.

<3 Melissa

tabitha said...

thanks for the comment :) i was actually surprised how sturdy i felt in my tom's!

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