Monday, February 27, 2012

february's guest blogger!

jessica smith of peace. love. design. shares with us what made her fall in love with her job.

choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -confucius
three years ago, upon finishing the third wedding invitation i had ever done, i had a friend say “wow that is just so cool that you get to design wedding invitations! you are so lucky!” i sighed and under my breath mumbled its only temporary, i swear.
i have a confession to make. now although i have always been a hopeless romantic, i had absolutely no idea that i would fall so deeply head over heels in love with weddings. but when you step back and think about it, its romantic enough to find someone that you want to spend forever with. its that much more incredible that on one specific day, you stand before your closest friends and family, look into each other’s eyes and swear that you will love, take care of, and commit to one another for as long as you both shall live. it's beautiful and sacred. it covers my arms with goosebumps and fills my eyes with tears. 
i know what you are thinking... a wedding invitation is a piece of paper i get in the mail, rsvp to and toss, hoping i kept the directions to the church. but when you really think about it, it is so much more. its the first chance you get to share the news. and even more so, its the first glimpse your guests get at your big day. it is what sets the stage
which brings me to my next point. weddings can often get stuck in a rut. cheesy, corny, predictable. they can be completely generic and overdone. i think couples often forget that this is THEIR day. this is the first time many people will get to experience them as a couple. because i am one of the first stops on the way to the altar, i get the opportunity to encourage my clients to really think outside of the box when forming their wedding style. and trust me, i understand it isn’t easy (i'm in the midst of planning my own wedding!) i tell each and every client that it is time consuming and completely overwhelming to do it this way. but in the end, you will be standing at the altar, or getting a forkful of cake shoved into your face... and all the while, everything around you will reflect you and the love of your life. and the new life you are embarking on together.
my friend was right. i am lucky. everyday is an adventure, a new project, and a new idea. and i am just getting started.

so stay tuned. is a full service graphic design studio located in detroit, michigan featuring unique and custom designs for weddings, parties, events, and businesses. visit for more information!

music monday.

it has been about three weeks since i first heard this song and i still can't get it out of my head. everything about it is so amazing. 

happy monday, folks :]

fun ~ we are young

*fun fact: andrew dost is from michigan & i went to college with his brother!

Friday, February 24, 2012


i'm sick. again.

this news wouldn't surprise a lot of people in my life - they know that i have a horrible immune system and tend to get sick a couple times per winter season.

this news, however, still surprises me.

yes, i am around a ton of people all the time, but i constantly wash my hands. i am always drinking tea or fruit juice. i get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. plus, i take six vitamins per day. why am i getting sick?

then i think...

maybe it's just the world's way of telling me that i need to slow down and take a break.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i love mail.

don't you just love opening your mailbox & finding handwritten letters and cards?

i do!

this month i have been lucky enough to receive such cute mail & amazing gifts from friends of mine.

in honor of #savetheusps2012 [aka a movement to help save the postal service], i received letters from kim & erin. i also received two pieces of mail from two of my college girlfriends - just because! below is a sweet letter from my beautiful friend kristen :]

i am just so thankful that people still like to take the time to hand write letters... though a facebook post makes me smile, letters and cards are memento's that i can keep & cherish.

if you'd like to give/receive mail for the usps movement or just because, send me your address! :]

Monday, February 20, 2012

music monday.

happy monday, lovelies!

this music monday post is brought to you from of monsters and men. enjoy! :]

p.s. they're coming to chicago on march 30th! anyone want to be my +1?

Friday, February 17, 2012

recap friday.

happy friday!

this week has been crazy. it just occurred to me yesterday that february is almost gone! can you believe it? i can't. and i just don't feel like i have accomplished much this month. hopefully i will feel differently in 12 days!

here is a recap of my week via instagram :]



1. a cute card & feathers from my friend erin. i wasn't the only one who enjoyed them ;)

2. fun doilies that i persuaded a waitress in denver to give me! they are above our bed now.

3. my man got me roses for valentine's day <3 

4. colorful andy warhol stationary that i picked up from work!

5. an amazing fossil purse my friend claudine got me! isn't she the sweetest?

6. cinnamon pastry coffee & a giant cinnamon roll on valentine morning.

hope everyone has an amazing weekend! i will be working. but what plans do you have?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

current obsessions.

hope you all had a wonderful & loving valentine's day! here are a few things that i am obsessing over this week:

the diana lens

i cannot wait for this amazing lens to show up on my doorstep. i am crossing my fingers for an opportunity to use it for a shoot - it would create the most beautiful and ethereal photos, ever.

the hunger games

please tell me that i am not the only HG reader that got creeped out by this promotion. eek!

eep fabric

this fabric is beyond amazing - durable, colorful & fun! i'd like to reupholster everything with it.

jason wu 2012 resort collection

jason wu for target. jason wu for michelle obama. jason wu's sultry fall collection for NYFW. everything this man does is genius. and his resort collection is no exception.

what are you obsessing over this week?

Monday, February 13, 2012

music monday.

this music post comes directly to you from the hunger games soundtrack!

yes, i know it's tay swift... but it's also the civil wars, which means it's really, really good. my favorite part is how the whole setting from the book is brought to life in the video - the woods, the cabin, etc. it makes me even more excited to see the movie.

taylor swift ~ safe and sound

Friday, February 10, 2012

my new gig.

a couple weeks ago, i was lucky enough to be contacted regarding a part-time position at a little clothing boutique in evanston. the owner was looking for someone who could do marketing, social media & sales a couple days a week. it sounded like a perfect addition to barista-ing, photog-ing & event planning, so, that's what i'm doing!

it's a great change of pace from starbucks, in the sense that it gets me to be a little bit more creative - not only with the store & the work i am doing, but also with myself. aka i get to dress up instead of wearing black pants and a black polo! plus, i get to be surrounded by beautiful clothes & jewelry :]

here are a few of my favorite photos that i have taken for the store thus far:




Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wednesday morning.

i tried my hand at a little graphic design... aka just putting a quote with one of my edited pictures. i really liked how the overall look came out. clean & inspirational.

what do you think?

Friday, February 3, 2012

recap friday.

greetings from denver! 

right this second, we are watching & listening to the 'blizzard watch' on the denver news, hoping we will be able to fly back to chicago tomorrow. some areas in denver have gotten as much as 17 inches so far [!!] & more is coming. and get this... the snow will be following us to the midwest! just our luck.

here are some pictures from our vacay, thus far:




1] the mountain view from the 27th floor of the hyatt grand.

2] two snow-loving kitties.

3] coconut lime cooler ;]

4] baby parker & i!

5] the start of the blizzard.

6] the city view from the museum of nature & science.
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