Sunday, October 28, 2012

an explanation.

many of you may have noticed that my social media platforms have been a bit quiet for the past couple weeks. though i have been trying to limit my time on the interwebz, this isn't the only reason for my silence.

i got a new job.

when adam and i found out we were moving to the south, we only had two weeks to find an apartment & get everything packed up. so, i just decided to transfer with starbucks because a] it was easy and b] it ensures a paycheck. although i love free coffee [who doesn't?], my heart wasn't in the job & i couldn't see myself wanting to move up in the company. so after a month of getting settled here, i started thinking about what i am good at, what i love & what i would want to dedicate myself to.

i love photography, but it takes a long time to get established in a new location. and though i hate to admit it, i was having some serious doubts about my photographs and my abilities.
i love event planning, but i didn't want to be an intern anymore. i would love to start my own company, but i feel i don't have enough experience or overhead yet. and though i had an amazing time planning this event freelance, i was looking for something more stable.

then i found the job. merchandising team lead at urban outfitters.

i love clothes. i have loads of experience in retail. i love visual displays and design. and, i'm detail-oriented.
it was perfect.
and it is perfect.
i've been at UO for almost a month and i am loving every second of it <3

so there's my explanation.
i still need time to balance everything out, but, i'm here and i'm not going anywhere :)


Anonymous said...

wow awesome news lady! congratulations! what an amazing place to work... i used to do visual merchandising at zara and always wanted to move to uo! really hope you're enjoying it :) x

tabitha said...

thanks so much, sally! i bet zara was amazing to work for! did you enjoy it?

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