Saturday, November 20, 2010

drum roll please...

some of you already know my HUGE news via facebook & twitter... [i don't know how to keep secrets or contain myself sometimes] but for those of you who don't know, or would just like the scoop, here it is :]

a] i got a job! remember that catering/event company i have been yapping about via my blog? yup - you guessed right! mj catering and events is my new employer. and i... am their new event planner :] they decided to hire two planners since their company is growing so exponentially - so we will be partners in charge of all the planning and events for our clients in the evanston/chicago area. i will start training full time in december - learning about the company and the employees themselves; trying all of the food that will be on their new menus [yum!]; meeting all the vendors and clients; etc. aka big time shtuff. i have orientation on monday, which i am totally excited about, so i will be able to learn more about what exactly i will be doing.

b] i won two free tickets to the joshua radin concert the night before thanksgiving! right now, i am the only one going. lol. so.... if you're interested, let me know! it's at the vic &  should be an amazing concert :]

c] i got an iphone4! for those of you who know me - i have wanted an iphone for... forever. my momma just couldn't hold out till christmas [see where i get that whole bad-at-secrets thing?], and she figured i would need it for work, so she gave it to me when i was home! im still trying to figure it out... but am loving it so very much.

these past couple of days have been insanely good. it is crazy how things can change so quickly...

i am so very thankful for everything that has come my way the past two months <3


Kate said...

Dang it! I would totally go with you to Radin's concert if it weren't in Chicago and I didn't have to work. Ballls. >:(

Congrats on the new job! Hurray!! :D I hope you love it!

Miss you and hope to see you soon. Are you coming home for Turkey times? Maybe we could get togetherrr :)

tttbelll said...

i wish you could! i miss you too, deary. we're just coming home the day of thanksgiving b/c we both have to work the day before AND the day after :/ you should come visit in december!

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