Monday, August 29, 2011

right this second...

i am oogling the new missoni line for target... specifically these super fun rainboots and this bike that i LOVE! seriously - to die for.

my little white&yellow project is almost done! can't wait to show you the finished product :]

i'm wishing i had fun plans for labor day. i have nothing set in stone - just a bunch of maybe's. what are you guys doin'?

[d.i.y. alert] i'm going bonkers for this picture! must. do. now.

it's baby madness around here lately. my good friend diego and his beautiful girlfriend just welcomed their first son, maximiliano, in venezuela! my other good friend, francesca, is awaiting the birth of her little bundle of joy, parker. any day now!

i cannot stop watching this social media video my cute friend kate posted to her twitter. her description when she posted? 'embrace it... it's not going anywhere.' that is why i love her.


foderak said...

I just saw your shout out to me on here (Ps. Thanks lovie!) but isn't it true? Social media is nice because it's a way for businesses and companies to communicate WITH and not just TO society. Plus, it lets all of us in different states stay in touch with each other..and that alone is a reason for me to love it :)
Miss you and LOVE the blog! Especially your DIY projects...mainly because I'm jealous I'm not that crafty <3 haha

tttbelll said...

thanks doll! i'm learning little by little :]

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