Monday, June 25, 2012

short hiatus.

if you follow my facebook, twitter or instagram, you more than likely already know that i am moving. 

for the past couple months, a. and i have been looking to move to the southeast area. charlotte [one of the most liberal cities in NC] was definitely our number one choice, but we were looking in the TN/GA/SC areas, too - anywhere with warm weather & nice folks.

well, luck has it that adam ended up getting a managerial position in our dream city of charlotte! and we have less than a week to pack up our apartment & move down there. eek! pressure's on.

so i just wanted to let my readers know that i will be posting a guest blog post & then the site will be on a short hiatus.

but don't worry, i'll be back sometime in july ;]

wish us luck! <3 

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