Wednesday, December 21, 2011

house tour - christmas edition!

seeing how there are only four more days until christmas, i thought it would be fitting to post the christmas edition of our house tour :]


a. and i wanted a big, real christmas tree this year - but since our kittens have never experience the holiday season before, we figured it would be a smart decision to just get a small one [side note: the kittens have done good so far... they've only knocked it down once!]. the crates ended up being the perfect stand for the presents and the tree.


call me crazy, but i am obsessed with matching the wrapping paper to the the tree and to the holiday decor. i wrapped everything in red/white or brown paper - then a. came along and wrapped his things in lime green. oh well, still looks good, i suppose ;]


why yes, that IS a peace sign made out of pipe cleaners.


details make the space, and these two are my favorite.


my red bookcase got a little makeover when mi madre sent me that white owlie oil diffuser. isn't it the cutest? the wall opposite of the kitchen was looking a bit bare, so i added some frames & some icicles.


the clipboards are a bit more cheerful now that they hold holiday pictures and our stockings :] the lone window was the perfect place to hang snowflakes and put some trinkets.


in order to bring the color red into the kitchen, i opted to get holiday poinsettias instead of regular flowers. our dining room now holds a couple books, a vintage mirror and porcelain birds. oh, and sweets, too!

i just love decorating for christmas :] 

are you finished with your home and your tree? i would love to see pictures!

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