Saturday, December 31, 2011

looking back.

every year at the end of december, i think about how i can be better in the next year. the 'resolutions' are always the same. lose weight. eat better. exercise more. lose weight. blah blah blah. [side note: i definitely need to do those things, but shouldn't 'resolutions' be goals about my life as a whole and not about my waistline? more on goals tomorrow.] i never really build the resolutions on my present self, i just think about what i should be doing since i didn't think i did anything in the present year. it wasn't until i came across holly becker's post that i realized i haven't been giving the present year the recognition it deserved. she says "sadly, some get rather down over a year ending because they feel another year has escaped them - they somehow didn’t manage all they had hoped to, they’re getting older, life is passing them by, etc. do you feel this way right now?"

yes! yes i do!

i decided to take holly's advice and make a list of things i accomplished this year:

traveled to las vegas, louisville and nashville - all for the first time.
quit the corporate world for the creative world.
expanded my camera collection & photography portfolio.
adopted two beautiful kittens.
met grace bonney of design*sponge.
got a new car.
sent christmas cards out for the first time.
completed a few refurbished/diy projects.
shot/wrote a review on incubus.
got business cards.
went to lolla and warped tour.
moved into a new apartment in the city with a.
biked the boardwalk into downtown.
flea-marketed in shipshewana.
finally saw death cab for cutie live.
got a freelance job planning an event in evanston.

making this list made me feel much more comfortable with starting a fresh new year. bring on 2012!

if you feel the way i did and want to look back at your accomplishments, i encourage you to make your own list - either in my comment section or in your journal :]

have a safe & happy night ringing in the new year <3

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