Saturday, July 14, 2012


the rain in charlotte has made me slow-moving all week - hence the quiet on the blog, lately. we've been unpacking little by little, while trying to regain our energy from our long days at work. a. has been having to get up around 3:30am every morning to get to work by 4 - so that's been quite an adjustment. i can't wait until we are set in our schedules, but that will take some time.

in between storms the other day, we saw something swimming in the pond out back. we grabbed our cameras & sent out for an adventure.

we ended up finding a shy family of beavers in the pond! we saw two big ones [which we assume were the mommy & daddy] and one baby. much to our avail, they stayed in the water swimming & eating, so we couldn't get good enough pictures. but now that we know they're there, we'll visit more often.

today i will be exploring the city a bit, and then going in to work a short shift for someone who is sick. then both adam and i will be working tomorrow. 

hope your weekend is full of nature, sun & less work than ours :]

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Danie at Pasadya said...

Aw, I hope work went alright. I would be completely dragging my body around at 3 AM. How fun to see beavers like that! I've never been close enough to one to even be able to get a picture. Hope you both had a great weekend! :)

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