Saturday, July 7, 2012

right this second.

LOVING: charlotte, the sunshine & having a pool close by :]

READING: middlesex by jeffery eugenides. i haven't read much, since i've been busy packing/moving - but it's been pretty interesting thus far. i'm also planning on reading the kind diet by alicia silverstone.

WATCHING: cable! we haven't had cable in a long time, so now we're playing catch-up. also, a. and i went to see spiderman this morning. unfortunately, we weren't impressed. 

ANTICIPATING: how tan i'm going to be!

LISTENING TO: casey abrams. the weepies. walk the moon. birdy. the spill canvas [always].

PLANNING: on unpacking my closet tonight. wish me luck!

WORKING ON: setting up some sort of routine. by the end of the month i want to have an 'almost' set schedule. it's difficult to have something set in stone when you work in retail, but i would love to try. i really think i would be more productive.

WISHING: i could afford to fly back to chicago, detroit or grand rapids next month to see family, friends & the spill canvas in concert. 

what are you guys up to this weekend?

thank you to allison for inspiring this post :]

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, I'm soooo jealous of the sunshine and the pool! London weather has been awful so far this summer! Hope you're settling in well to your new home :)

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