Thursday, August 9, 2012

north carolina VS. the midwest.

a little over a month ago, adam and i made the big journey from chicago, illinois to charlotte, north carolina. both of us have spent our whole lives growing up in michigan, so living in the south is quite an adjustment :]

the weather is extremely different here.
obviously it's warmer, but it also storms more. since it's hurricane season, lately, most days have been 90 degrees, humid & overcast. then around 5/6pm, it gets really dark, really windy & storms for a half hour. also different? the rain here is horizontal! very strange. the best part, though, is that everything here is a beautiful shade of green.

the people are extremely nice here, but also, well... different. 
coming from two liberal-ish areas, i'm used to being able to speak my opinions & not offend anyone, because the people i speak them to normally share my beliefs. i chose charlotte because it is one of the lease conservative cities in the south - however, i've learned that i still need to bite my tongue sometimes & not be so shocked at some of the awful things people say.

the pace of the south is veryyy slooow. 
everyone's driving, work ethic & thought process it just a little more relaxed - which is hard to get used to, but it's definitely a blessing. the pace in chicago was so fast - almost robot-like - so it's nice to be able to go a bit slower and enjoy things more.

the food is different, too.
i love sweet tea & coffee as much as the next person, but down here, people take it to another level. you wouldn't believe how much sweetener/cream people put in their drinks at starbucks. just this morning i had one lady order a venti chai latte [which is normally 5 pumps of chai, hot water to the middle & 2% milk to the top], and she wanted 10 pumps of chai, no water & whole milk. GROSS. there are more fast food restaurants here, too - chick-fil-a, bojangles, jack in the box, sonic, etc - and their portions are bigger. imagine that.

although some things are extremely different here, we really do like it. i've noticed that the sunny days, natural light & pool time have improved my mood & mind-set significantly - which is something i desperately needed.  have you made a major move? if so, what things have you found to be extremely different?


midsomethingadventure said...

This makes me sad I didn't get the transfer to Charlotte that I applied for. I have a longing to live in the south. I think the "down home" itch is in my blood!

tabitha said...

hopefully you'll have another opportunity! i would love for you to be down here with me :)

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