Friday, August 24, 2012

recap friday.

it's friday, friday, friday.

this week consisted of lots of working. but it also consisted of lots of reading, snuggling, good food and exploring.

1. apparently dave matthews [yes, of the dave matthews band] makes wine, and CPK had his newest called 'crush'. it was delicious.

2. i treated myself to a fancy lunch on tuesday. kinda fun.

3. adam and i visited the epicenter downtown for a music night that they put on weekly. 

4. i've been on reading kick lately, and as you know, i love kid lit. so i'm super excited that i found a new series - the mysterious benedict society. if you love kid lit as much as i do, you should check it out. if not, tell your kids or younger siblings to read it so that i can discuss it with someone ;]

5. i finally got an anthro card in the mail & was pretty excited about it.

6. now that i'm living in the south, i figured i ought to invest in some cowboy boots. i thrifted these for $15 & they're real leather!

have a great weekend!

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