Tuesday, September 11, 2012

your roots keep you steady.

last night i got inspired.

i was browsing my instagram feed & came across this lady's work and life. she balances a husband, two little boys & a life full of illustration. lindsay has the most amazing penmanship, a creative eye and an extremely sturdy hand. i mean, look at this. and this. she's incredible. 

after looking at her illustrations, i felt the urge to get up out of my warm bed and try it for myself.

three hours later, the print above is what i got.

i love coloring. and i love drawing. when i feel sick or stressed, i take out my precious moments collection coloring book & get to work. when i write lists or make notes, i doodle mazes and patterns on my sheet. it's just what i do. why hadn't i ever made an actually art piece before?

well now that i have, i'm never looking back. expect to see more prints and illustrations from me in the future. making that piece made me feel calm and creative, and the end product made me extremely feel proud. 

don't you love being inspired?

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