Thursday, March 31, 2011

before & after.

living in an extremely 'vintage' apartment surrounded by hand-me-down furniture, can really get a creative person down. so i decided that i wanted to spruce existing pieces up, and in the future, refurbish old inexpensive pieces i find online.

my first project?

an existing 80's tin trunk i found at an antique store three years ago. it was black, rusty, beat up and dented - and the paper inside was curling and falling apart.

i really love army green and thought the trunk would look great in that color - feminine yet tough at the same time. it took me days to decide on a fabric... but when i finally did, i was so excited.

the result? a cottage-chic storage chest :]

the kittens seem to like it - but do you?


Adam said...

I do

Kate said...

Can't say I'm fond of the color (but I'm not much of an army green fan, anyway), but the interior pattern is really unique! Great job, lady! :D

P.S. I like that the kittehs are in the trunk. So cute and sillies. :)

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