Friday, April 8, 2011

big news.

as most of you know, after being laid off in january, i have been searching endlessly for a 'career type job'.

after two weeks and two interviews with amc [no, not the movie theater], they offered me a position as... account administrator!

amc, located in glenview [about a 20/30 minute drive for me], is a for-profit company that manages not for profit organizations - mostly healthcare associations. basically, if an association wants amc to plan their yearly conferences or even maintain their website, they we do it. and i am in charge of assisting them with... well, anything.

i am not much of a corporate kind of person. but, even though amc works with non-profits, it's a corporate kind of job.

but, it's a job, right?

right. a real life big girl job.

so for now i'll suck it up, plaster on a smile and look at it as an adventure :]


Sarah said...

Awesome! congrats on the job.

tttbelll said...

thank you, sarah!

Stephanie said...

yay yay yay yay YAY! I'm so excited for you!!!! Congratulations and have fun getting back into the career world!
P.S. I love the red hair...and we all know I'm a huge sucker for female red heads (i.e. my HUGE girlcrush on Kate Walsh....) :)
muahhh rock it out on your first day!

tttbelll said...

aww thanks steph! you're so cute :D

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