Saturday, April 23, 2011

current obsession.

lately, i have been fantasizing about eyewear. glamorous, sassy and unique eyewear. something that no one would imagine me wearing.

warby parker is the best website to browse for sexy, yet subtle glasses. they even tell you which face shape each pair looks best on, aaaaand give you a virtual try-on tool! it gets better. for every pair of glasses sold, they provide a pair to someone in need. amazing, right?

there are three pairs that i am eye-ing [har har]... these, these and these!

i already have a sturdy black pair [even though they have kitty bite marks all over], so i am looking for a neutral pair and a WOW pair. with my new red hair, maybe the green glasses will pop. eh?

what i reeeaaally want are these:

so that i will look like her:

i'll just have to keep searching... :]

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