Thursday, April 12, 2012

arts n' crafts time!

chicago is such a great industrial city, filled with tons of inspirational places. one place that a. and i love is called architectural artifacts. their showroom is 80,000 square feet - five levels of pure heaven. it seems like they scoured the globe for abandoned/closed churches, schools or homes, because they carry an abundance of industrial items - pillars, desks, chandeliers, fireplace mantels, etc. we even found an old car!

while we were there, i picked up this cutie from the scrap metal section.   


adam was pretty skeptical as to what i would do with it, but i knew right off the bat.

add chalkboard paint!


it looks perfect on our dresser, next to our dapper candles :]

i guess it's true what they say - one person's junk is another person's treasure!


ourdreamlives said...

oh that is the cutest little thing...! fab idea, love it!
Sally x

tabitha said...

thanks sally! i love it :)

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