Tuesday, April 10, 2012


a couple weeks ago, while a. and i were visiting friends and family back in michigan, we visited a new shop called rebel.reclaimed*. 

i'd been following the shop's page on facebook [and liking every single photo they posted], so i knew i just had to see their space. i was delighted with what i found!

despite it's small size, chip and dann's boutique is chalk-full of reclaimed pieces, as well as amazing designs from independent artists. every nook and cranny has something magical in it - handmade paintings, industrial lamps, mushroom terrariums, and snazzy dishtowels. 

chip told me that every monday they close the store down and spend the day creating everything. what an amazingly inspirational and creative day that must be! 

their designs are so simple, but so industrial and design savvy at the same time.

this owlie was one of my favorites - i just had to take him home :]

dann and chip just opened a location in zeeland, too, so if you're in the area - pop over! and make sure you clean your car out first, you'll more than likely fill it with amazing finds :]

*grand rapids-ers: it's right next door to urban exchange on fulton!

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