Saturday, January 28, 2012

christmas surprise!

remember my after-christmas post where i mentioned that i surprised my mom with a super duper special gift? well... that super duper surprise gift involves the both of us & it's happening this week!

wonder what it is?

1st clue: horsies!

2nd clue: snow!

3rd clue: plane!

any guesses on what it could be?

a trip to denver!

well, okay - the horses were a stretch... but i definitely couldn't put broncos! or mountains. that would have been too easy. either way, she was very surprised & excited. neither of us has ever been to denver, so we're curious to see what it's like. we're really lucky, because this week the temperature will be warmer [and sunnier] than chicago!

ever been to denver? we would love some recommendations of where to go & what to see!

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