Monday, January 23, 2012

music monday.


i have a horrible, horrible knack for creating [or hoarding] paperwork. i receive so many different bills, invoices, and contracts that i always just put them in one spot. which turns into a pile. and then that pile normally gets dumped into a laundry basket with a ton of other miscellaneous items, where it stays until the day i have the motivation to go through it.

well, tonight was the night i finally found the motivation to go through it.

i put on mae's three newest albums [cleverly named [m]orning, [a]fternoon, [e]vening] and began chuggin' along. listening to the albums in sequence is amazing, because they build momentum - creating concentration in the beginning and energy at the end. the songs made me feel really creative, too. i was able to organize what i have into individual folders and get rid of the excess things i didn't need. i was even able to find a new place for all the business cards i've collected over the past year! at the end of the [e]vening album, i felt so accomplished & relaxed.

mae isn't for everyone - but i urge you to check them out. you might be surprised! :]

what kind of music motivates you?

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