Thursday, January 19, 2012

what inspires your personal style?


when i think of my 'personal style', a lot of words come to mind. trendy. neutral. classic. however, lately i have found myself in a style rut. i feel like all i wear is yoga pants [uhh i'm wearing them to work everyday, not to yoga] and long sweaters or cardigans. what's worse is that i am living in a freezing midwestern state at the moment, so i feel like i always have to throw on the same things just to stay warm.

i would love my style to be more bohemian and retro - with more color, patterns & vintage.
i would love to nix all jeans and wear all dresses.

but how?

i'm here to ask for your opinions & your help. where do you find inspiration for your style? and more importantly, how do you show off your creative personal style, while still dressing for the weather?


Kate said...

A skirt with bananas on it? Psh, I'd totally sport that. I'd be so hip. ;]

Juney said...

I FEEL you on this, doll. Lately I have had the winter blues when it comes to (pretending) to be stylish.. This weather is no fun. I salute you for being cute all year long! <3

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