Saturday, March 10, 2012


umm you guys, i made it to 100! 
can you believe it? 
so i know the last couple things are little [and maaaybe shouldn't count], but i am so proud of myself for getting rid of so much.

two pairs of shoes
five magazines & one notebook
three books & two recipe booklets
pair of glasses & case
pair of jeans
sleeveless collared shirt
one wine glass & one cracked stella glass
four cups
'vino' wall art
many miscellaneous beauty products
leather belt

like i said before, i really did this to eliminate some of the clutter around me. this exercise didn't give you a 'snapshot' of my 'creatively inspired life', but it does give me more freedom to become more creative with my belongings and my future purchases - which is something i am very excited about.

think you want to do something like this? i urge you to! if i can do it, you can too :]

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