Wednesday, March 14, 2012

terrifically thrifty tuesday!

yesterday was tuesday.

tuesday's are my [only] day off.

[almost] every tuesday i go thrifting. 

on those tuesday's that i do go thrifting [& find something good], i plan on showing off what i got :]

ready? let's go!



i must admit that i normally don't find these many goodies on a typical thrift day - i'll get one or two things if i'm lucky. so this tuesday was an exception. an amazing exception! i found such great pieces. maybe the closet gods were pointing me in the right direction since i gave away so many of my old clothes... ;]

i found:
a long-sleeved, retro-looking dress
a super soft, black gap sweater
a long, swingy, bright blue vintage skirt
an amazingly vintage, navy/red blazer [it fits like a glove!]
a checkered yellow & white tablecloth
an older version of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

the grand total?

have you found any goodies lately? i'd love to hear about them!

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