Wednesday, March 7, 2012

30 and counting.

in an effort to become somewhat of a minimalist, i have decided to get rid of some of my stuff. well, that and a] it's spring cleaning time and b] less stuff means less packing for when we decide to move. plus, i feel like having less will force me to be more creative with the things i do own :]

feeling really inspired by jess' post on throwing out 100 things [100!], i gave it a try! here are some of the things i rounded up, so far.

two sets of coasters
eight books
old ihome
dvd player
laptop purse
five picture frames
two bottles of lotion
two necklaces
old glasses
five magnets
one sheet set
two scarves
one pair of flats
silver purse
pair of shelves

next up is the closet! wish me luck :]

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