Tuesday, March 20, 2012

terrifically thrifty tuesday!

this past weekend was spent visiting friends and family back in michigan. it was so nice. a. and i even had a chance to visit two antique malls! needless to say, we got some goodies :]

we found:
a 1972 spice and herb print
six beautiful old keys
a great gatsby-inspired belt
a pair of ceramic owlies
three yards of amazing blush-colored lace
a vintage red lantern that adam loved

the grand total? 

have you found any goodies lately? i'd love to see them!


Kristen June Photography said...

Love those keys!! Good finds, sweetie :)

tabitha said...

thanks juney! :]

Swallow's Heart said...

LOVE that spice and herb print! Good finds!! :)

tabitha said...

thanks meghan! if i ever put it on the market, you will be the first to know ;]

Swallow's Heart said...

Thanks! :) Your post made me want to go thrifting ASAP!

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