Thursday, March 8, 2012

60 and counting.

day two of purging! 

nine tank tops
two bras
three collared shirts
one shirt dress
one skirt
three cardigans
five shirts
one dress
three jackets
one pair of yoga pants
one sweatshirt

my closet was super easy to go through, but now i'm not sure i can find forty more things to get rid of! check back tomorrow to see what i find :]


Kate said...

Raid the kitchen!!! Then the bathroom and then any "junk" drawers or areas that you feel negatively about (like I have a trunk full of high school and college papers I should get rid of, but I don't want to deal with it. Hah! :) ). After that, do a second sweep of the closet if you need more stuff. Aim for purses and shoes.

Trends are trends and though you are purging, there's always something more fun and possibly more cute than what you currently own to buy in the mall or a nice little window shop. Again, I know the aim is to purge and not gain anymore crap back, but when I spring clean, I tend to make myself a deal. "Okay, so if I'm getting rid of four shirts I never wear anymore, I'm allowed to go to the mall and buy myself ONE shirt to replace these four" So I'm getting a new shirt and getting rid of four. Still kind of purging...ya know? :)

Good luck, lady! :D

tabitha said...

thanks so much for your advice and motivation, lady! it definitely helped :]

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