Wednesday, May 2, 2012


tuesday was a very, very special day.

adam and i have been together for two years.


to celebrate this day, i asked an amazing friend of mine to make some playing cards. sounds weird, right? well, he loves to gamble and we both love to play games [cribbage & euchre especially!], so cards are perfect. to make them even more perfect, i put together 52 things i love about him and put one thing on each card. to top it off, jess came up with a romantic design that fits both adam's and my style.


a few of my favorites are:
i love that you love root beer floats as much as i do.
i love that we finish each other's sentences.
i love when you sing.
i love that you can't wait to get married.
i love that i feel so safe with you.

i am so glad that i ordered these. they're amazing & super cute.
he loved them. & i feel like the best girlfriend, ever :D

*if you like this idea & want to order some for your honey, email jess!*


Anonymous said...

oh these are super sweet, such a lovely idea :)

~Sherry♥♥♥ said...

You are an amazing girlfriend and I'm sure you will make an amazing wife and someday mother♥

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