Tuesday, May 22, 2012

terrifically thrifty tuesday!

last tuesday was an amazing thrift day.

it started off by visiting a free market on morse with my friend stephanie. the market was open to the public for drop off & pick up - so both stephanie & i brought a couple bags of stuff to get rid of. at the market i ended up finding a brass lamp, some old photography assistant books, a creativity book & a huge bag of paint/linoleum chips [they were free - so why not?].

 the lamp is so perfect because it's so industrial looking & at some point, we'll be able to take it apart to put something cool inside the glass :]

after the market, stephanie & i went to the thrift stores i normally hit up every tuesday. i found 'middlesex' [which i've been dying to read], a beautiful black and white storage box, a vintage scarf, a blue bell-sleeved dress & a teal leather purse.

grand total? 


have you thrifted anything good in the past week? i'd love to see pictures!

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