Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my happy weekend.

hello, friends!

how was your memorial day weekend? fun, i hope. mine was wonderful. i worked saturday, but was lucky enough to have sunday-tuesday off [monday being my birthday, & tuesday being my normal day off]. 

on sunday i met my ma in new buffalo & spent the day with her. we got brunch, walked around & went to a couple shops.

on monday, adam and i drove to milwaukee. i really love when we're able to take mini road trips - we can take our time, stop at garage sales, get a snack, etc. it's the best. we found this 50's restaurant on our way to milwaukee, and just had to stop & take pictures. 

once we got to milwaukee, we went paddleboating - my favorite! after that, we watched their memorial day parade & then got dinner/drinks. it was a nice, relaxing birthday.

on tuesday, adam & i spent the afternoon at the beach.

it was a happy, happy weekend :]

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Swallows Heart said...

Looks like SUCH a fun birthday / memorial day weekend!

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